Wasp on white background

There are many types of Wasp in Australia. Wasps are recognized by their size and hues. The wasp is a social insect that lives in a colony. European wasps are a genuine risk to the Australian environment. An attack by a team of wasps can cause a lot of pain. Though these pests can sting human beings, they usually do not unless their nests are harmed or they feel that their nests are going to be harmed. If your backyard or garden has turned into a place where wasps have taken shelter, it is very important that you call in the pest control experts immediately.


It is recommended to contact expert pest controllers to devastate wasp nests around your home and backyard, particularly if you have experienced an allergic reaction to a wasp sting. It’s good to locate the nest before calling your professional pest controllers or local council because it may not be on your property. Wasps like scanning for food and they can do it inside a large portion half a kilometre away from its nest. Place the food in an obvious area somewhere in your courtyard. Meat is the best for that. when they find the food, they will fly in a straight line back to their nest. That way you can track their nest It is most commonly built in sheltered places.

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