Redback Spider on white background

Spiders can be an obstacle to your genuine feelings of serenity. There are many species of Spiders that vary in shape, colour, size and behaviour. Many people fear or dislike spiders due to their appearance, their building of webs that become unsightly but generally, spiders are beneficial because of their role as predators. They can be frustrating and frightening to have on your property.

As with most pests, they can cause diseases and illnesses in humans and pets. If there are spiders on your property, it is important that you get rid of them.


We can do an expert inspection of your property to guarantee spiders are not hiding waiting to surprise you. Our fumigation techniques will ensure we check all the likely spider breeding locations and habitats. This includes windows, along cornices, ceiling voids, gutters and outdoor furniture.

Why choose us for spider control in Sydney?

  • environmentally friendly pest control company
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