Possum on white background

Brushtail and Ringtail possums have successfully adapted to life in suburbia and have become a persistent pest in homes across the country. They typically take up residence in the ceiling, attic, chimney or eaves of a building, and can be noisy and even cause structural damage to your home and garden. If they take up residence in your roof, their urine and faeces can end up staining your ceiling. As they are nocturnal they can also seriously disrupt your families sleep with their night-time activities.
The experts at Privilege are best placed to advise on or remove any possums that have taken up residence on your property. We will come to your home for a consultation and identify if indeed possums are the problem. If possums are present they are usually captured in a trap and safely removed to a natural habitat nearby.

Tips for a possum free home

Limiting the attractiveness of your property to possums is the key to keeping them away.
Follow these simple guidelines for a possum free home:
ensure all electrical wiring in your roof or ceiling is insulated and secure
repair all gaps and openings in your roof and eaves
chimneys need to have a secure grid fitted to limit access
ensure all tree branches are cut well back from your roof to limit access
resist putting food out for any possums as this will only encourage them to take up residence
examine natural deterrents such as garlic sprays