Flea on white background

Fleas are parasites. They live remotely on warm-blooded creatures and incline toward people and pets. Fleas are most helpless when they are first born, also egg and larvae stages. The simplest way to exterminate them is by using plant dust blended with boric acid or borate powder. Adult fleas can live for around one week without getting food in the form of blood. But, flea larvae can survive for several months, so it is essential to go for larvae first. This mixture will prevent fleas to spread all over the place.

Fleas have a head, mouth, two eyes, six legs and two antennae. The antennae are used to detect heat, vibration and changes in direction of air flow. The legs enable the flea to jump up to 30 cm either onto a new host or avoid threatening situations.
The flea’s mouth parts use saw-like jaws to cut through skin, then the fleas’ saliva contains anticoagulants to encourage blood flow.

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