ants eating
Outdoors, ants nest near moisture such as under stones, in stumps, in rotting logs and under woodpiles. When they invade homes, ants often nest in damp areas such as in foam sheathing behind siding, and they even have been found nesting in roofing near a leaking skylight.
Ants often nest in wood that termites have damaged. It is common for ants to clean out the galleries that other insects have made in the wood. Sometimes homeowners find this debris and think there is an active termite infestation.
Ants normally eat insects and honeydew, a sugary waste excreted by sap-feeding insects like aphids. Ants protect the aphids that produce the honeydew. If ants come into a home, they usually prefer sweets and meat.
The acrobat ant workers enter homes in several ways. Sometimes they make a trail across the ground. Door thresholds and construction gaps are common entryways. Workers can also follow tree limbs or shrubs that touch the house. They have even made their trails on utility lines. The ants can enter the home through the same opening that pipes or wires go through.